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Birthdays are special events for everyone, and it always brightens our day seeing someone send us a special birthday message. A simple birthday message does not cost much, but it means a lot to the celebrant. Coming up with a good birthday message might not be so easy, hence we have made a huge list of funny birthday messages to choose from for your loved ones.


* Can’t tell you how cute you’ll look with all that cake on your face.

Its not a prank believe me that box only has a birthday cake.

* I hope you keep smiling till you have teeth.

 It’s true that you look like a duck but today I see a swan.

 *I hope you forgive me for eating your lunch, I couldn’t stop myself after all it was your birthday cake.

* I promise I’ll be a good boy, until I get your birthday treat.

* Come one show me your smile, you still look young to me.


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* You can open your eyes; you will only find birthday candles on fire.Look behind you there is your gift, I was joking just wanted to give you birthday bombs.

* Lest sing and dance, we can bare your voice today after all its your birthday.

* You look so like my old grandma; just kidding she has more teeth.

* If I could fulfill any of your wish then it would be a new car for me.

* I heard its your birthday, then where is the treat, many happy returns of the day dumbo.

* I love when you try, it always make me feel that I am not the only in blunder.

* It took me an hour to write this poem for you, my Internet was out of speed.


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