🎀🎁🌺🎁🎀 Happy Birthday Wishes for a Niece 🎀🎁🌺🎁🎀


I leave you these birthday wishes for a niece to share on your social networks with your beloved niece on her birthday.


* There's a reason why God doesn't make nieces like you in bulk. 

* That's because every great niece deserves a great aunt, and there are very few great aunts like me in the world. Happy birthday.

* Very few aunts in this world have nieces who are also their best friends, late night phone buddies, and shopping mates. I am truly lucky to have you. Happy birthday.

* You are the reason I have always dreamt of having a daughter. Happy birthday to my favorite niece.

* If I ever had a daughter, I would want her to be exactly like you. Happy birthday from your favorite uncle.



* Aunts and nieces are best friends related by blood. Happy birthday, dear niece.

*  Every time I get promoted in my job, you should celebrate because you're the one I'll buy a present for with my raise. Happy birthday to my favorite niece.

*  The best thing my sister ever did in her life was to give birth to a princess like you. Happy birthday, sweetie.

*  If not for awesome nieces like you, our family would be dull and lifeless. Happy birthday to my wonderful niece.

*  When you add an 'e' to nice, it spells 'niece.' And with you, the 'e' stands for 'extraordinary.' Happy birthday to my niece.


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